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Know how People & Traffic Flow

Design the Smart airports, stations, malls, hospitals, roads and cities of the future! We help you to understand people and vehicle movements. Bring out the best of your location and make more efficient use of the facilities the location has by monitoring the environment. Monitoring optimizes key processes, maximizes customer service levels and ultimately increases revenues. The use of AtSence mobile device scanning technology has given the Airport Authority the information it needs to ensure it meets the performance objectives necessary for the airport to grow as one of North America’s dominant gateways."
- Steve Hankinson. Vice President, Operations, Vancouver Airport Authority.

By placing ‘hotspots’ in strategic locations we collect real-time data with our monitoring platform called ‘SmArthur©’. ‘SmArthur©’ provides managers and operational staff the key information they need to react to the behavior of people and vehicles moving through their facility. ‘SmArthur©’ analyzes the ‘flow’ of people and vehicles, by capturing signals from Wifi & Bluetooth enabled devices. Nowadays more and more people use Wifi & Bluetooth. This creates a great opportunity to anonymously collect information for optimizing a location.

Furthermore we also offer 'Locate™’. This is an innovative real-time GPS based track and trace solution. 'Locate™’ monitors and reports on vehicle and people movements, serving customers worldwide since 2004.

Measure movements, identify patterns, and forecast trends!

Combining monitoring data with business intelligence is our view on how to make any Airport, Station, City, Hospital or Road more efficient, better accessible and more appealing. We do this by providing information; on how people move from A to B, on peak hours, on queue times, on the A, B and C locations, on how people arrive at your location, on the capture rate of shops and many more.



  • PFM Footfall Intelligence and AtSence Location Intelligence join forces.

      PFM strengthens her position as a one-stop-shop vendor in the field of measuring, counting and tracking of visitors in shops, shopping center’s and station’s, by integrating AtSence Location Intelligence services to our portfolio. AtSence Location Intelligence delivers the most advanced WiFi en Bluetooth solutions within the public transport domain. Therefore we are pleased to announce that Bart van Heijningen has joined [...]

  • Season’s Greatings

    AtSence wishes you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016!

  • iBeacon registration app piloted by ROC Midden Nederland.

    The app uses iBeacon technology to register which location(s) a person visited during the open day event. The Registration app uses iBeacons to identify what location(s) a visitor has visited and how long they stayed there. When entering the facility they receive a welcome message and a location specific program on their smartphones. After leaving the location visitors are [...]

  • Rever – Evidence Based Design voor het interieur (Dutch)

    AtSence in de nieuwsbrief van Rever Interieurprojecten met Evidence Based Design voor de kantooromgeving. .. Efficiency staat hoog op de agenda van (bijna) elke organisatie. Maar hoe ontwerp je een interieur dat ervoor zorgt dat een gebouw daadwerkelijk efficiënt en effectief gebruikt wordt? Evidence Based Design is hierop het antwoord.  Lees hier verder.